May 27, 2012

Race Report: Sundown Marathon 2012

Location: Open field, beside Nicoll Highway MRT Station, Singapore
Date/Time: 27th May 2012 @ 12:30am
Category: Men 21 km
Bib: C 4760
Distance: 20.75 km (by Garmin FR405)
Timing: 1'49:14 (Gun Time) /1'48:44 (Chip Time)
Average Pace: 5:16 per km
Rank: 122nd

My first 21 km race in 2012, and also can consider the earliest flag off race I ever join. Ran the whole race in sleepy feel.

Both 42km and 21km are flag off at the same time and same place, run together with full marathon runners antil 14km++. "Turn" is the feature of the route, Left Turn, Right Turn and U-Turn, I really can't remember how many U-turn in the whole 21km route. Other than run on tar road, also on cement especially along Marina area, and also some grass as well.

I try my very best and aim to do sub 5:00 pace for first 12km, but mission failed, only 11.85km with 60 minutes. I was too tired after 15km onwards, slow down after that, run with what I train, not what I aim, but still very suffer, perhaps it was sleep time.

Hydration station are sufficient enough at every 2 to 3km, serve water and some both water and isotonic. Distance marker are clear, but I start to found it was under distance when I saw the marker was 400m different with my GPS.

When reached Nicoll Highway at the last one km, I try to push myself to the limit, just hope I won't break 1:50. Crossing finishing line with 1:49:14, with slightly under distance, 20.75km as per my GPS.

My split time:

0 -  5 km    :  24:07  -->  0'24:07
5- 10 km    :  25:59  -->  0'50:06
10-17 km   : 38:35  -->   1'28:41
17-20 km   :  16:49  -->  1'45:30
20-20.75km :  3:44  -->  1'49:14

A nice finisher medal as awards for my hard work.

Heavy rain started about 3:10 am, 2 hr 40 min after flag off, I am lucky that already back to finishing, but pity all those who still in the run.