Dec 31, 2010

Wrap up: Running in 2010

Completed 21 runs in 2010, same as last year. Among this 21 races, 13 are half marathon.

Celebrated 2010 New Year with Saucony Pacemakers Network Run at Lake Garden. First time join the race organized by der Pacemakers Network. A well organized event, I enjoy the race.

Running up the staircase is the most torturing during this race

New Balance Pacesetters 30km, decided not to run 30km and go for 20km just because of injured after SCSM 2009, and also Penny's concert at Genting on the night before. Although with lack of sleep, and the rolling hills route, still manage to completed with 4:59 per km pace, but very amkan that my timing chip not working, no official time and no certificate.

Putrajaya Night Marathon, first night half marathon, not easy to run at night, even though all my weekday training run were at evening. take is as an experience and prepare for Sundown 21km.

Bareno Run at Bulit Jalil area, nice route with some hilly route, the most difficult part is after 10 km, up and down for about 3 km inside Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil.

Energizer Night Race at Cyberjaya, 2nd night half marathon. Bad experience with stomach ache for last 7km, endure till the end and direct run to toilet after crossing finishing line.

Bidor half marathon, my 3rd run in Bibor since 2008. Can't perform well compare with last year, weather started hot after 17km downhill route, torturing for the last 4km.

Nice finishing medal from Bidor.

New Balance Pacesetters 15km, another rolling hills route at Double hills area, meet up many friends during this race.

adidas Sundown marathon, my first oversea night race, first time join adidas Sundown Marathon after the 21km half marathon event have been introduced this year. Finished with PB (Bad) in half marathon. Conclucled that night run is really tough.

nice and unique finishing medal.....

Setia Eco Half Marathon, heavy rain half way but manage to run faster, 4:56 pace during this race gain back confidence for my next half marathon, SCKLM.

SCKLM 2010, an important race for me, after get my first sub 1:45 in AIMS certified half marathon during SCSM 2009, SCKLM become my next target. Pushing by some other runners, raining before the race and good weather, my target achieved with 1'44:14 (net time)

Seremban Half Marathon, another my must go event. Drove 140km, run 21km, drove 140km again, within 8 hours. Completed with sub 1:45 but slightly under distance.

Taiping Herritage Run, first race in Taiping, thanks to the organizer Kevin Otk from Taiping Road Runner for giving me my favourite bib number.

LLC Runners jumping at Taiping heritage area

1 Malaysia National Charity Run, my first ever race in the town/state (Muar, Johor) where I born and grown...

Photo after the race, with clock tower at Dataran Tanjung Emas as background.

Hatyai Nature Run, first race in Thailand. As the name "Nature Run", we really run in the nature enviroment from 6 km to 15 km, surrounding by rubber estate and the killing hilly road.

Newton 25km Challenge Kuala Lumpur, survived from 25.84km rolling hills route at Bukit Kinrara and received a nice finishing Tee...

LLC runners during Newton 25km

Tanjung 10km Run, first race in Penang this year, take it as a training for coming race.

Mizuno Wave Run at UPM, Suprising that I can run better compare with 2009, with lack of training, 4:46 per km pace.

Powerman 2010, Team 2 Plus 2 came back for 3rd season in Powerman Malaysia 2010, Men’s Relay category.

Aim for podium finishing failed again and also out of top 5, no cash prize at all.

PBIM 2010, heavy rain since 14km till the end, crossing finishing line with 1'47:00, mission for my 3rd sub 1:45 in AIMS certified Half Marathon failed.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010. Ahead 1:45 pacer from starting till the end, crossing finishing line with 18 sec faster than last year, chip time 1'42:48 become my new PB timing. Glad to completed my 36th half marathon when I am 36 years old, with my Personal Best timing.

Spritzer - KRI Scenic Run 2010, sign up last day before the closing date, simply because I haven't do any race in Ipoh this year. Rolling hills route, 12km is tougher than SCMS 21km for me, run until going to vomit out my heart.

Anyhow finisher T is given to top 600 finisher.

Achievement for this year:

1. Completed monthly half marathon race, with one more as bonus.

2. Completed two (2) sub 1:45 in AIMS certified half marathon.

Dec 12, 2010

Race Report: Spritzer - KRI Scenic Run 2010

Location: Bukit Kinding Resort, Tg. Rambutan, Ipoh, Perak
Date/Time: 12th December 2010 @ 7:30am
Category: B-Men Open (18-39)
Bib: B171
Distance: 11.85 km (by Garmin FR405)
Timing: 1'04:56
Average Pace: 5:28 per km
Rank: -

Rolling hills route, 12km is tougher than SCMS 21km for me. Nice scenery and cold weather along the route.

The route.

Multiple hills

Finisher T is given to top 600 finisher only....

Dec 6, 2010

Race Report: Standard Chatered Marathon Singapore 2010

Start Point: Sentosa
Finish Point: St. Andrews Road, The Padang
Date/Time: 5th Dec 2010 @ 6.30 am
Category: Half Marathon (Men Open)
Bib: 22747
Distance: 21.23 km (by Garmin FR405)
Timing: 1'43:10 (gun time) & 1'42:48 (chip time)
Average Pace: 4:51 min per km
67th (Overall Half Marathon) ;
64th (Overall Men Category);
21st (M30-39)

Started at Sentosa Island, run around the Island for first 9km before return to Singapore Island. A bit hilly compare with previous year's route.

Completed my first 10km with 48 min++, I am worried that sub 1:45 might not abe to achieve, compare with last year's 47 min for 10km.

I try to ahead the 1:45 Pacer group from starting, when reached the u-turn at about 11km on Telok Blangah Road, they were about 200 meter behind of me. Keep my pace and run along Ayer Rajah Expressway, East Coast Expressway, only few runners within my vision and most of us run with smillar pace, hard to overtook each other.

Start to overtook few runners when reached the flyover at 17.8km, across Marina Bay, and run downhill to Republic Blvd towards Singapore Flyer side and turn right to Raffles Ave, 2 km to go, Saw a lot of 10km runners in reverse direction, they all just stsrted 20 min ago. Pass by Esplanade and turn left into Esplanade Drive, many photographer there but can't see Tey yet.

Turn in to Fullerton Road, High Street and St. Andrews Road, a timing mat is place about 100 m away from the finishing arc, saw Tey on the right.

he manage snap my first pix when I reached last 75 m

wave with him

and continue my run, saw digital timer show 1;42:50, turn on turbo for last 75 m and crossed finishing line with 1'43:10....... 17 sec faster than lasy year timing.

SCMS 2010 half marathon route

Glad to completed my 36th half marathon when I am 36 years old, with my Personal Best timing.

Many thanks to Mr Tey Eng Tiong for all the nice photos !