May 12, 2013

Penang Run 2013-2014 (1st Series) Finishing Photos

Finishing photos snap before SMK Telok Kumbar, during Penang Run 2013-2014 (1st Series) on 12th May 2013.

Camera: Nikon D200 + AF 80 - 200 mm F/2.8D

There are total 4 albums snap from 7:32am to 8:54 am are available as following:

Album 1 : 7:32am - 7:50am

Album 2 : 7:50am - 8:07am

Album 3 : 8:07am - 8:23am

Album 4 : 8:23am - 8:54am

Enjoy the photos, sorry for those I missed out.........

Race Report: Penang Run 2013-2013 (1st Series)

Location: Esplanade to Teluk Kumbar, Penang
Date/Time: 12th May 2013 @ 5:30am
Category: Men Open 21 km
Bib: 1167
Distance: 21.18 km (by Garmin FR405CX)
Timing: 1'49:44 (Gun Time)/1'49:29 (Chip Time)
Average Pace: 5:11 per km
Rank: 26th (Men Open)/51st (Overall Men)

First series of Penang Run 2013-2014, started at Esplanade and end at Teluk Kumbar. 90% are flat route until last 2km.

I am able to run 11.89km within 1 hour, but start slow down after 14km, I know that I might not able to completed with sub 1:50 as I know that last 2km hilly route will kill me, but anyhow I still try my very best and push to my limit for last few hundred meter and secure sub 1:50 for this race

First time appear in Yellow for year 2013, photo by Anthony See.

Race Report: Bidor Half Marathon 2013

Location: Dewan Muhibbah, Bidor, Perak
Date/Time: 28th April 2013 @ 7:00am
Category: Men Open 21 km
Bib: A 1090
Distance: 21.25 km (by Garmin FR405CX)
Timing: 1'49:17 (Gun Time) / 1'49:03 (Chip Time)
Average Pace: 5:09 per km
Rank: 44

My favourite event, always did well during Bidor half marathon despite of hilly route and started late.

Run with sub 5:00 min pace for first 12km before start the hilly route, hot after 17km make me slow down my pace and completed with sub 1:50 for this race.

With the nice and good quality medal, photo by Sean Wong