Dec 25, 2011

Wrap up: 2011 Running

Completed 11 races, 10 half marathon and one 16.8km adidas King of The Road. 11 races were too less for me if compare to 21 races in 2010.

Bareno 21km at Bukit Jalil, first race in 2011, after stop 3 months from road race since KRI Scenic run on December 2010. Less training plus hilly route, suffering and finished about 1:50.

Managed to join Malakoff 26km Penang for the 2nd time since 2009. Not that good but still completed with sub 2:15, better compare with previously, perhaps most of the route was my training ground.

Energizer Night Race at F1 Circuit Sepang, the most lousy and messy race event I ever join, messy event organizer. A lot of runners break their own record or even malaysia record in half marathon, I did my first sub 1:15 in half marathon too, just because of wrongly step on timing mat and clock my result at 14.5km, due to no direction signage and marshall when I ran in to F1 Circuit.

Bidor Half Marathon, my favourite event. First sub-5 min pace half marathon of the year, but still failed to achieve sub 1:45 with 9 sec slow than my best timing clocked at Bidor on 2009.

SCKLM 2011, I was stop training for 4 week due to oversea business trip, start to train up 2 week before the race, just hope the Digital Timer won't show "2" when I reached Dataran Merdeka. Lucky managed to crossing finishing line with sub 1:50 chip time.

  LLC Runners at SCKLM 2011, this is the only time that we can sit on Jalan Tun Perak

Seremban Half Marathon, a must go event for me, completed another under distance sub 1:45 half marathon.

Tourism Taiping Heritage Run 2011, first half marathon at Taiping. Ran under drizzling for almost the whole race, but still failed to do sub-5 min pace.

adidas King Of The Road, the first non half marathon event for me this year, didn't expected that I manage to do average 4:50 per km pace for the 16.74km route. Must thanks to somebody who chasing me closely from starting till fishing.

My hometown run, Muar Charity Run 21km, give up KRI Run on the same day. Heavy downpour before race and drizzling during the race help me to maintain 5:00 per km pace for the whole race.

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011, just sign up to top up my half marathon quota, as I know night run usually are tough for me. Another 1:50++ timing for night run.

SCMS 2011, I was stop training for 3 week again due to oversea business trip, just back to Malaysia one week before the race, thanks to my running buddies who spent 2 days training with me at Batu Kawan and gain back my confidence. Better than my expectation and crossing with 1'48:47 chip time, the worst SCMS half marathon timing I ever did, but I can consider break my own record that NOT do sub 1:45 in SCMS

Apart been the runners, I also switch myself from runner to Photographer at few event:
  1. Tourism Taiping Heritage Run
  2. adidas King Of The Road
  3. Muar Charity Run

And full time photographer at:
  1. Tanjung 10km Run
  2. Valdor Run

All photos can view at:

DNS events for this year:
  1. Sundown Marathon (21km)
  2. Powerman Malaysia (Sprint)
  3. Penang Bridge International Marathon (21km)
DNS PBIM 2011 was the most "amkan" for me, PBIM is the only AIMS Certified Half Marathon that I yet to do 1:45, compare to SCKLM and SCMS. I was train very hard with my LLC group at Batu Kawan, hope to do sub 1:45 this year, unfortunately last minute "kena buang negara" for 3 weeks and all my hard work before that was gone. Anyhow most of my running buddies did well in PBIM, either full or half marathon.

Well done LLCs

  1. Target to achieve my 50th half marathon in 2011 failed, hope to achieve it by first half of 2012.
  2. No sub 1:45 achieved, must train hard especially speed workout.

P/S: Photos courtesy from Eric Lim, Yoko Fujimura, SCH, Steven Heng, Miow Chin, Terence Neo, James Fong and Malaysia Runners Network.

Dec 18, 2011

Valdor Run 2011 Finishing Photos

Finishing photos taken during Valdor Run at SJK (C) Valdor, Kampung Valdor on 18th December 2011.

Camera: Nikon D200 + AF 80 - 200 mm F/2.8D

There are total 3 albums snap from 7:36 am to 8:29 am. I've try my best to snap most of the runners from starting until the end, please find your photos from the following albums:

Album 1 : 7:36 am - 7:58 am

Album 2 : 7:59 am - 8:10 am

Album 3 : 8:11 am - 8:29 am

Enjoy the photos, sorry for those I missed out........

Dec 6, 2011

Race Report: Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011

Start Point: Sentosa
Finish Point: St. Andrews Road, The Padang
Date/Time: 4th Dec 2011 @ 6.30 am
Category: Half Marathon (Men Open)
Bib: 57277
Distance: 21.14 km (by Garmin FR405)
Timing: 1'48:56 (gun time) & 1'48:47 (chip time)
Average Pace: 5:09 per km
157th (Overall Half Marathon) ;
127th (Overall Men Category);

I was stop training for 3 weeks and DNS PBIM due to oversea business trip, I know that
I will break my record at SCMS, that is NOT do sub 1:45 at this event.

No pacer for half marathon, just pace my own, I felt I was too fast at starting, start fell suffer after 10km, which took 50 min to completed it. I know I was slow now. 

Meet a lot of 10km runners after 18km along Raffles Ave, traffic become crowded. Pass by Esplanade and turn left into Esplanade Drive, my watch show 1:44++, mission for sub 1:45 failed already.

Turn in to Fullerton Road, Hugh Street and St. Andrews Road, run into Ekiden/Full/Half Marathon lane, saw digital timer was 1:48++, run as fast as I can and hope to do with sub 1:49....

Crossing finishing line with 1'48:55, the worse SCMS half marathon timing I even did...