Dec 25, 2011

Wrap up: 2011 Running

Completed 11 races, 10 half marathon and one 16.8km adidas King of The Road. 11 races were too less for me if compare to 21 races in 2010.

Bareno 21km at Bukit Jalil, first race in 2011, after stop 3 months from road race since KRI Scenic run on December 2010. Less training plus hilly route, suffering and finished about 1:50.

Managed to join Malakoff 26km Penang for the 2nd time since 2009. Not that good but still completed with sub 2:15, better compare with previously, perhaps most of the route was my training ground.

Energizer Night Race at F1 Circuit Sepang, the most lousy and messy race event I ever join, messy event organizer. A lot of runners break their own record or even malaysia record in half marathon, I did my first sub 1:15 in half marathon too, just because of wrongly step on timing mat and clock my result at 14.5km, due to no direction signage and marshall when I ran in to F1 Circuit.

Bidor Half Marathon, my favourite event. First sub-5 min pace half marathon of the year, but still failed to achieve sub 1:45 with 9 sec slow than my best timing clocked at Bidor on 2009.

SCKLM 2011, I was stop training for 4 week due to oversea business trip, start to train up 2 week before the race, just hope the Digital Timer won't show "2" when I reached Dataran Merdeka. Lucky managed to crossing finishing line with sub 1:50 chip time.

  LLC Runners at SCKLM 2011, this is the only time that we can sit on Jalan Tun Perak

Seremban Half Marathon, a must go event for me, completed another under distance sub 1:45 half marathon.

Tourism Taiping Heritage Run 2011, first half marathon at Taiping. Ran under drizzling for almost the whole race, but still failed to do sub-5 min pace.

adidas King Of The Road, the first non half marathon event for me this year, didn't expected that I manage to do average 4:50 per km pace for the 16.74km route. Must thanks to somebody who chasing me closely from starting till fishing.

My hometown run, Muar Charity Run 21km, give up KRI Run on the same day. Heavy downpour before race and drizzling during the race help me to maintain 5:00 per km pace for the whole race.

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011, just sign up to top up my half marathon quota, as I know night run usually are tough for me. Another 1:50++ timing for night run.

SCMS 2011, I was stop training for 3 week again due to oversea business trip, just back to Malaysia one week before the race, thanks to my running buddies who spent 2 days training with me at Batu Kawan and gain back my confidence. Better than my expectation and crossing with 1'48:47 chip time, the worst SCMS half marathon timing I ever did, but I can consider break my own record that NOT do sub 1:45 in SCMS

Apart been the runners, I also switch myself from runner to Photographer at few event:
  1. Tourism Taiping Heritage Run
  2. adidas King Of The Road
  3. Muar Charity Run

And full time photographer at:
  1. Tanjung 10km Run
  2. Valdor Run

All photos can view at:

DNS events for this year:
  1. Sundown Marathon (21km)
  2. Powerman Malaysia (Sprint)
  3. Penang Bridge International Marathon (21km)
DNS PBIM 2011 was the most "amkan" for me, PBIM is the only AIMS Certified Half Marathon that I yet to do 1:45, compare to SCKLM and SCMS. I was train very hard with my LLC group at Batu Kawan, hope to do sub 1:45 this year, unfortunately last minute "kena buang negara" for 3 weeks and all my hard work before that was gone. Anyhow most of my running buddies did well in PBIM, either full or half marathon.

Well done LLCs

  1. Target to achieve my 50th half marathon in 2011 failed, hope to achieve it by first half of 2012.
  2. No sub 1:45 achieved, must train hard especially speed workout.

P/S: Photos courtesy from Eric Lim, Yoko Fujimura, SCH, Steven Heng, Miow Chin, Terence Neo, James Fong and Malaysia Runners Network.

Dec 18, 2011

Valdor Run 2011 Finishing Photos

Finishing photos taken during Valdor Run at SJK (C) Valdor, Kampung Valdor on 18th December 2011.

Camera: Nikon D200 + AF 80 - 200 mm F/2.8D

There are total 3 albums snap from 7:36 am to 8:29 am. I've try my best to snap most of the runners from starting until the end, please find your photos from the following albums:

Album 1 : 7:36 am - 7:58 am

Album 2 : 7:59 am - 8:10 am

Album 3 : 8:11 am - 8:29 am

Enjoy the photos, sorry for those I missed out........

Dec 6, 2011

Race Report: Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011

Start Point: Sentosa
Finish Point: St. Andrews Road, The Padang
Date/Time: 4th Dec 2011 @ 6.30 am
Category: Half Marathon (Men Open)
Bib: 57277
Distance: 21.14 km (by Garmin FR405)
Timing: 1'48:56 (gun time) & 1'48:47 (chip time)
Average Pace: 5:09 per km
157th (Overall Half Marathon) ;
127th (Overall Men Category);

I was stop training for 3 weeks and DNS PBIM due to oversea business trip, I know that
I will break my record at SCMS, that is NOT do sub 1:45 at this event.

No pacer for half marathon, just pace my own, I felt I was too fast at starting, start fell suffer after 10km, which took 50 min to completed it. I know I was slow now. 

Meet a lot of 10km runners after 18km along Raffles Ave, traffic become crowded. Pass by Esplanade and turn left into Esplanade Drive, my watch show 1:44++, mission for sub 1:45 failed already.

Turn in to Fullerton Road, Hugh Street and St. Andrews Road, run into Ekiden/Full/Half Marathon lane, saw digital timer was 1:48++, run as fast as I can and hope to do with sub 1:49....

Crossing finishing line with 1'48:55, the worse SCMS half marathon timing I even did...

Oct 30, 2011

Tanjung 10km Run 2011 Photos

Photos taken during Tanjung 10km Run 2011 at Jalan Ross (about 2km mark) and Jalan Sepoy Lines (finishing), Penang on 30th October 2011.

Camera: Nikon D200 + AF 80 - 200 mm F/2.8D

There are total 3 albums snap from 7:20 am to 8:30 am. I've try my best to snap most of the runners from starting until the end, please find your photos from the following albums:

Album 1 : 7:20 am - 7:32 am (Jalan Ross, about 2km)

Album 2 : 7:45 am - 8:01 am (finishing line)

Album 3 : 8:02 am - 8:30 am (finishing line)

Enjoy the photos, sorry for those I missed out........

Oct 16, 2011

Race Report: Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011

Location: Dataran Putrajaya, Precinct 3
Date/Time: 15th Oct 2011 @ 8:20 pm
Category: F - Men Open 21km
Bib: F 3167
Distance: 21.21km (by Garmin FR 405)
Timing: 1'50:26 (Gun Time) ; 1'50:10 (Net Time)
Average Pace: 5:12 per km
Rank: 36th

I was stop running after Muar 21km on 9th October, and night run usually are tough for me, not putting any hope for this race, just take it as my LSD training.

Flag off at 8:20pm for half marathon category, just run with my own pace, I can feel the heat along the way, only can feel windy after 12km onwords.

Drinks station every 3km, sufficient enough and serve isotonic drink as well. Distance marker are clear enough, direction marker for full and half marathon seperate junction was not that clear, a big sign board with small wording printed on A4 paper.

Run the first 5km with 24:31, I know that I am going to complete the race above 1:50. Kevin Ooi catch up with me at 8.5km, pace with him until 10km and I was give up, run with my own pace again. After the timing chip station at 16.5km, meet Kevin Ooi again, this time I try to pace with him again, but he was getting faster after the last water station at 19km. I am failed to catch him and his was about 200 meter plus infron of me when reached finishing line.

Crossing finishing as my estimation, 1'50:26. Received a medal with a red colour 21km finisher Tee. Lucky that I pace with Kevin for from 16.5km onwards, if not I will run with my PB, Personal Bad again after Sundown 2010.

Oct 11, 2011

Race Report: Muar Charity Run 2011

Location: Dataran Tanjung Emas, Muar, Johor
Date/Time: 9th Oct 2011 @ 6:37 am
Category: A - Men Open
Bib: m 1054
Distance: 21.17km (by Garmin FR 405)
Timing: 1'45:57
Average Pace: 5:00 per km
Rank: 18th

My 2nd time home ground base half marathon, give up KRI 12km on the same day, simply because want to balik kampung, and also top up my half marathon quota for this year.

Same as last year, heavy rain about 30 minute before flag off, run about 5 km under drizzle, but the whole route was wet due to heavy rain before flag off.

Different route with last year, started at Dataran Tanjung Emas, run along Jalan Abdul Rahman towards batu Pahat direction, turn in to famous San Chai Temple at Parit Unas, and run along the kampung road back to Jalan Junid and Tanjung Emas area. Muar known as flat land, not hilly route at all, I can said this is the most flat route I ever ran before.

Water station, been informed by the MC before flag off, there are 7 water station, but I felt I was been cheated, only 5 water station at 5km, 10km, 13km, 17km and 20km. And all are purely water station, I was regret that I forget to hide my own isotonic drink along the road side on Saturday. Suffering after 13km onwards due to no isotonic drink.

Distance marker and direction signage are enough, at least nobody missing in the race, I hope so...

Generally satisfied with the event, the only two things to improve are:
1. Supply isotonic drink for 21km runner
2. Quality of medal

Muar Charity Run 2011 Finishing Photos

Finishing photos during 1 Malaysia Muar Charity Run 2011 at Dataran Tanjung Emas, Muar on 9th October 2011.

Camera: Nikon D200 + AF 80 - 200 mm F/2.8D

There are total 3 albums snap from 8:30 am to 9:46 am, 21km runners who completed the race with 1 hr 55 min onwards should able to find your photos from the following albums:

Album 1 : 8:30 am - 8:49 am

Album 2 : 8:50 am - 9:07 am

Album 3 : 9:08 am - 9:46 am

Enjoy the photos, sorry for those I missed out........

Oct 4, 2011

Race Report: adidas King Of The Road 2011

Location: New Pantai Expressway, Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya
Date/Time: 2nd Oct 2011 @ 6:45 am
Category: A - Men Open
Bib: A 0956
Distance: 16.74km (by Garmin FR 405)
Timing: 1'20:57
Average Pace: 4:50 per km

Flag off at 6:45am, run from Sunway Pyramid towards west direction and u-turn before Persiaran Jengka, run towards east direction along NPE, u-turn at Jalan Templer junction and back to Sunway Pyramid.

I try to squeeze myself to the front of starting line, just to avoid jam during flag off, run much more faster than my expectation, perhaps chasing and pushing by too many fast runners around me. The path are quite clear for me until I reached the 10km u-turn juction.

Saw finishing arc after ran out from the tunnel, speed up and push myself for last few hundred meter, saw brother Tey Eng Tiong was there and he managed to snap my pia face photo.

Crossing finishing with 1'20:57, out of my expectation.

My split time and pace:

Split    Time          Distance        Avg Pace
          ( h:m:s )           km                 min/km

1          18:29            4.00               4:37
2          19:27            4.01               4:51
3          19:38            3.99               4:55
4          23:22            4.74               4:56

           1:20:57        16.74             4:50

adidas King Of The Road, generally a well organize event, drink station every 3 km, serve water and isotonic drink, distance marker almost every km. Nice route to run, not so hilly, just need to run on the flyover above Kewajipan roundabout.

Oct 3, 2011

adidas King Of The Road 2011 Finishing Photos

Finishing photos during adidas King Of The Road 2011

Camera: Nikon D200 + AF 80 - 200 mm F/2.8D

There are total 7 albums snap from 8:17 am to 9:36 am, runners who completed the race with 1:35 (16.8 km) and 1:07 (10km) onwards should able to find your photos from the following albums:

Album 1 : 8:17 am - 8:27 am

Album 2 : 8:28 am - 8:37 am

Album 3 : 8:38 am - 8:45 am

Album 4 : 8:46 am - 8:54 am

Album 5 : 8:55 am - 9:04 am

Album 6 : 9:05 am - 9:18 am

Album 7 : 9:19 am - 9:36 am

Enjoy the photos, sorry for those I missed out........

Sep 12, 2011

Race Report: Tourism Taiping Heritage Run 2011

Location: Padang Esplanade, Taiping, Perak
Date/Time: 11th Sept 2011 @ 6:15 am
Category: A - Men Open
Bib: A 038
Distance: 21.05km (by Garmin FR 405)
Timing: 1'47:29
Average Pace: 5:06 per km
Rank: 32 nd

Another raining-thon. Started rain before flag off until noon.

Flag off at 6:15am sharp, run around Taiping Lake Garden area and then towards Jalan Kamunting Lama, with some hilly route at 5km.The remaining route are flat from 5.5km till the end.

I run with quite comfortable pace from starting until first u-turn at 12km, completed with 59:12, I believe I should able to do 1:46 for this race, with the good weather. But unfortunately I was slow for the remaining 9km, run with about 5:20 pace compare with 4:56 pace for first 12km. I believe that I lack of LSD recently, the longest training run I did this two month is just 16km, compare with 20km at early of the year. I know that I'll completed the race with 1:48 when reach last water station, stared to pia after Taiping town area and crossing finishing line with 1'47:29, better than my expectation.

After crossed finishing line, rush to food tent, ate some watermelon for refill glucose in my body, drink a cup of hot coffee and swallow a plate of Mee-hoo goreng (too hungry) and rush back to back car, which park about 250 meter before finishing, and switch my identity from runner to photographer, but too bad I missed out those sub-2 runners in my photo.

5 water stations at 4km, 8km, 12km, 16km and 19km, but too bad no isotonic drink. Road marshall and volunteer at drink station are enough, traffic control very good, although I almost knocked by a car at about 20km, but that was the driver's fault.

Tourism Taiping Heritage Run 2011, a well organized event, I'll mark it as my annual event. Well done to the organizer, Mr Kevin Ooi and the committee !

The route
LLC runners after the race.

Sep 11, 2011

Tourism Taiping Heritage Run 2011 Finishing Photos

Finishing photos during Tourism Taiping Heritage Run 2011

Camera: Nikon D200 + AF 80 - 200 mm F/2.8D

There are total 2 albums snap from 8:13 am to 9:51 am are available as following:

Album 1 : 8:13 am - 8:41am

Album 2 : 8:42am - 9:51 am

Enjoy the photos, sorry for those I missed out.........

Jul 26, 2011

Race Report: Seremban Half Marathon 2011

Location: N.S Padang, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Date/Time: 24th June 2011 @ 6:45 am
Category: B - Men Senior
Bib: B 128
Distance: 20.44km (by Garmin FR 405)
Timing: 1'44:47
Average Pace: 5:07 per km
Rank: 37 th

Seremban half marathon, one of my favourite event. A well organized event, 3 drink stations at 5km, 10km and 16.5km, sponging station at 7km and 14km.

My old knee pain reoccur before the race, dare not push myself too hard, but still manage to complete 12km within 60 min, consider better than SCKLM.

Felt knee pain become serious after 15km, just run with my comfortable pace for the remaining 6km.

When reached Seremban Lake Garden, my watch show 1:42, I think sub 1:45 should be make to make it this time, try to push hard and crossing finishing line with 1'44:47. Another under distance half marathon with sub 1:45.

The route

Jun 27, 2011

Race Report: Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011

Location: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Date/Time: 26th June 2011 @ 6:15 am
Category: E - Men Open (Half Marathon)
Bib: E-06394
Distance: 21.35km (by Garmin FR 405)
Timing: 1'50:02 (Gun Time), 1'49:52 (Chip Time)
Average Pace: 5:09 per km
Rank: 80 th

I was stop stop training for one months from mid of May to mid of June, just start to train 2 weeks before the race. I am worried that I my break my personal record to clock with 2 hr in 21km race.

Meet Jessica at starting line, pace with her for less than 1 km then run with my own pace.

Manage to run with sub 5 min pace for first 5 km, completed 11.79km with 60 min, I know that sub 2 shouldn't be any problem for me, increase my target to sub 1:55 after 15km mark. Slow down after KLCC and turn in from Jalan P Ramlee to Jalan Ampang at about 18km mark. When reach 20km mark, I realise that I am slow, meet up with 10km runners at last 1 km, started to speed up my speed and run towards Dataran Merdeka, saw 1:49++ when I saw the finishing arc, hope can do 1'49:49 gun time, pia with maximum speed and heart rate (183 bpm) to finishing, but still amkam, 1'50:02 clocked on my watch.

My split time and pace:

Split    Time     Distance    Avg Pace

        (h : m : s)      km            min/km

1     00:24:29      5.00            4:53
2     00:26:12      5.00            5:14
3     00:26:24      5.00            5:16
4     00:15:56      3.00            5:18
5     00:10:50      2.00            5:25
6     00:06:09      1.35            4:33
       01:50:02    21.35           5:09

The route
SCKLM 2011, a well organized event. Drink stations are sufficient enough, water every 2km, isotonic drink every 4km, few sponge station along the route for full and half marathon, distance marker are clear and accurate for full and half marathon distance. Full and half marathon route not clash with 10km and fun run route, avoid congestion for all serious runners. Well done the organizer !!!

Apr 24, 2011

Race Report: Bidor Half Marathon 2011

Location: Dewan Muhibbah, Bidor, Perak
Date/Time: 24th April 2011 @ 7:00 am
Category: A - Men Open
Bib: A 152
Distance: 21.32km (by Garmin FR 405)
Timing: 1'45:22
Average Pace: 4:56 per km
Rank: 19th

Flag off at 7:00am, consider late for a half marathon race.

Pace with Ronnie (PM1) for first 4km, give up and run with my own pace. Count the category A runners at first 5km u-turn, I still in top 20, try to maintain my pace until 10km, as usual Bidor route is quite hilly, especially from 12km to 14km. Almost exhausted after 19km, plus the strong sun shine and run uphill.

Saw Tey snap photo at 20km mark. Try to speed up my pace for the last 1km, hope can completed the race with 1:45, but mission failed, 9 sec slow than my best timing clocked at Bidor on 2009.

My split time and pace:

Split     Time         Distance     Avg Pace

        (h : m : s)       km           min/km
1      00:22:59        5.10          04:30
2      00:26:52        5.40          04:58
3      00:25:48        5.00          05:09
4      00:29:41        5.81          05:06
        01:45:22     21.32          04:56

The route

Apr 18, 2011

Race Report: Energizer Night Race 2011

Location: F1 Circuit, Sepang
Date/Time: 16th April 2011 @ 8:00pm
Category: G - Men Open 21km
Bib: G 1145
Distance: 20.09km (by Garmin FR 405)
Timing: 1'41:44
Average Pace: 5:03 per km

The most lousy and messy race event I ever join. All story can get from FB, still complaining, arguing, I am lazy to talk too much here....

The most frustrated issue for me are:
  1. No direction signage
  2. Marshall on duty do not know where the running direction, when I came to the track after ran the outside loop, turned left towards the START/FINISH entrance, before turn in to the track, I ask the marshall: Turn here ? he answer: I don't know, but everyone is turning here.
  3. Timing chip only for 42km and 21km runners, why all 11km and 5.5km runner were crossing the timing mat ?
I am wonder wheter I ran the correct direction into the track ? I've step on the timing mat for 5 times:
  1. At starting
  2. At the outside loop, about 7.5km
  3. Before start to run my 1st lap in the track
  4. Completed the 1st lap
  5. Completed the 2nd lap
If the timing chip only record 4 time, then I can said I completed the race with sub 1:15....

The route at Garmin connect.

Apr 10, 2011

Race Report: Malakoff 26km Penang 2011

Location: Taman Perbandaran (Youth Park), Penang
Date/Time: 27th march 2011 @ 5:30am
Category: A-Men Open 
Bib: A0027
Distance:25.77km (by Garmin FR 405)
Timing: 2'14:32 (Gun time) / 2'14:17.8 (Chip time)
Average Pace: 5:13 per km
Rank: 21 (Men Open)

The route.

Mar 21, 2011

Race Report: Bareno Run 2011

Location: National Stadiun Bukit Jalil
Date/Time: 13th March 2011 @ 5:30am
Category: A-Men Open
Bib: A0574
Distance: 20.85 km (by Garmin FR405)
Timing: 1'53:20 (Gun time) / 1'49:33 (Chip time)
Average Pace: 5:26 per km
Rank: 95th

First race in 2011, stop 3 months from road race since KRI Scenic run on December 2010.

Feb 11, 2011

Bidor Half Marathon 2011

Bidor Half Marathon 2011

Date: 24th April 2011
Time: 7:00 am
Location: Dewan Muhibbah, Bidor, Perak
Distance: 21km / 10km / 3km
Registration closing date: 8th April 2011


Please click here for entry form.