Nov 25, 2012

Race Report: Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012

Location: Queensbay Mall, Penang
Date/Time: 18th Nov 2012 @ 3:00 am
Category: D - Half Marathon Men Open
Bib: D 05546
Distance: 21.19km (by Garmin FR 405CX)
Timing: 2'04:06 (Gun Time); 2'03:55 (Chip Time)
Average Pace: 5:51 per km
Rank: 201st

Humid weather along the bridge, I really hope raining even though I am running on the bridge.

Old injured knee pain occurs once I run until the bridge, I still manage to endure it and run with slower pace, but unfortunately my stomach pain after 17.5km, give up and walk for 3km before turning into Queensbay area, run the last 600m to finishing line was very torturing for me.

The most suffering half marathon I ever did, double "pian" attack ! break my 21km timing since 2008.

Mission for "From 2:45 to 1:45" on the Penang Bridge failed at the end, no fate.

LLC Garmin Runners before flag off

 Batu Kawan Runners after the race

Nov 18, 2012

PBIM 2012 Finishing Photos

Finishing photos snap at Queensbay Mall during Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012.

Camera: Nikon D200 + AF 80 - 200 mm F/2.8D + SB-800

There are total 6 albums snap from 5:18am to 8:59 am are available as following:

Album 1 : 5:18am - 6:50am

Album 2 : 6:50am - 7.23am

Album 3 : 7:23am - 7:40am

Album 4: 7:41am - 8:04am

Album 5: 8:04am - 8:41am

Album 6: 8:41am - 8:59am  

Enjoy the photos, sorry for those I missed out.........

Nov 10, 2012

Tanjung 10km Run 2012 Photos

Photos taken during Tanjung 10km Run 2012 at Jalan Ross (about 2km mark) and Jalan Sepoy Lines (finishing), Penang on 10th November 2012.

Camera: Nikon D200 + AF 80 - 200 mm F/2.8D

There are total 3 albums snap from 7:10 am to 8:16 am. I've try my best to snap most of the runners from starting until the end, please find your photos from the following albums:

Album 1 : 7:10 am - 7:18 am (Jalan Ross, about 2km)

Album 2 : 7:35 am - 7:55 am (finishing line)

Album 3 : 7:56 am - 8:16 am (finishing line)

Enjoy the photos, sorry for those I missed out.

Nov 3, 2012

Race Report: Brooks KRI Annual Road Race 2012

Location: Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh
Date/Time: 7th Oct 2012 @ 6:30 am
Category: A - Men Open
Bib: A 055
Distance: 21.12km (by Garmin FR 405CX)
Timing: 1'49:46 (Gun Time); 1'49:42 (Chip Time)
Average Pace: 5:12 per km
Rank: 32nd (Men Open)

First 21km event from KRI. I am not well prepared, not putting any hope, just like a normal run to top up my half marathon quota.
I've been follow closely by someone from team relay and push very hard until half of the journey, start regret that I comsume too much energy at the first half, end up with slow down after 15km.

Still try my very best to finished the 21.12km distance with sub 1:50 timing.

The LLC traffic light runners, aka LeeHom Wang (黄绿红), photo by Sean Wong