Jun 27, 2011

Race Report: Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011

Location: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Date/Time: 26th June 2011 @ 6:15 am
Category: E - Men Open (Half Marathon)
Bib: E-06394
Distance: 21.35km (by Garmin FR 405)
Timing: 1'50:02 (Gun Time), 1'49:52 (Chip Time)
Average Pace: 5:09 per km
Rank: 80 th

I was stop stop training for one months from mid of May to mid of June, just start to train 2 weeks before the race. I am worried that I my break my personal record to clock with 2 hr in 21km race.

Meet Jessica at starting line, pace with her for less than 1 km then run with my own pace.

Manage to run with sub 5 min pace for first 5 km, completed 11.79km with 60 min, I know that sub 2 shouldn't be any problem for me, increase my target to sub 1:55 after 15km mark. Slow down after KLCC and turn in from Jalan P Ramlee to Jalan Ampang at about 18km mark. When reach 20km mark, I realise that I am slow, meet up with 10km runners at last 1 km, started to speed up my speed and run towards Dataran Merdeka, saw 1:49++ when I saw the finishing arc, hope can do 1'49:49 gun time, pia with maximum speed and heart rate (183 bpm) to finishing, but still amkam, 1'50:02 clocked on my watch.

My split time and pace:

Split    Time     Distance    Avg Pace

        (h : m : s)      km            min/km

1     00:24:29      5.00            4:53
2     00:26:12      5.00            5:14
3     00:26:24      5.00            5:16
4     00:15:56      3.00            5:18
5     00:10:50      2.00            5:25
6     00:06:09      1.35            4:33
       01:50:02    21.35           5:09

The route
SCKLM 2011, a well organized event. Drink stations are sufficient enough, water every 2km, isotonic drink every 4km, few sponge station along the route for full and half marathon, distance marker are clear and accurate for full and half marathon distance. Full and half marathon route not clash with 10km and fun run route, avoid congestion for all serious runners. Well done the organizer !!!